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Downloading My App 


I am waiting on approval from Apple and Google, thank you mercury retrograde for the delays haha. But the show must go on! So for now:

1. Click my logo

2. Create your account (You may have to click Log In on your screen then click SIGN UP)

3. Purchase the programs you desire on the web version

4. Download the passion app

5. In the search bar type in Sunshine Marketing.

6. Select my name and logo. 

7. Log In and Go

And boom you are in and can utilize the app to do your courses, communicate with me and the community along with getting free content, live ideas, and much more. You can also do this right on the web version if you prefer.  Also always stay on the lookout for new courses I have so many that I am diligently working on and I appreciate all your patience and support.

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