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From a life long worth of one after the other tragedies to a single mom of two babies creating three successful businesses and in process of creating wealth for my children through real estate.  

Taken away from my mother and put in foster care after I was found starved, beaten, with patches of my hair missing, neglected, and possibly more horrific things. 
Left foster care at and placed with my grandmother in a strict cult that didn't allow me to fully live a normal childhood where I started stating that I didn't want to live anymore from the age of 4 and eventually started attempting to take my own life at the age of 7. 

My father was not a consistent part of my life and I never heard from my mom until I was about 12. 
Ended up raped several times, had to conquer the grief of losing my fiancé, dad, and brothers all in death, in and out of jail, on drugs, died and brought back to life.
Started getting my life back on track with a good job and started college all to get married to a raging narcissist

Survived my 7 year marriage, where I was not permitted to work, go to school, and was physically beaten, cheated on, and verbally abused for years to be cheated on and left while pregnant with my daughter while his mistress bullied me and my children. Her and her friends tried getting me fired from all of my jobs and ended up having one business entirely shut down punishing not just myself and my children but the cancer patients that the doctor was helping and very well may have sentenced some of those people to death. All of this seemed to excite my ex as he joined his mistress and her friends in this abuse and would turn lights, water, internet off, and make us go without food in order to try and control me while trying to convince me to kill myself and abandon our children. And anytime I tried showing people the truth they all threatened my life and my children stating what I was doing was harassment when in fact I was purely trying to get the truth to someone in hopes someone would make them stop and HELP!


...Throughout my life I kept finding undeniable strength to survive and eventually to be the shield my children desperately needed. After my divorce I decided I would no longer keep surviving life and reacting to others insecurities that were being projected on to me. I decided to focus on healing and start learning skills to work through and process and truly find the root of my feelings so that I could stop putting myself in harms way and be the rock and healthy parent my children needed/need. To this day ex-husband still does his best to control me, stalk me, and threaten me, while showing no actual interest in being a father to our children. He continues to financially abuse us and take things to extremes and twist everything in order to get his way no matter if it hurts our children. Despite his horrific actions and intentional shortcomings I have still done what all I needed to so my children are provided with a fun and loving life that opens them up to different experiences. 

When I first started in Real Estate back in 2018, I started right from the bottom as a repair coordinator making roughly $11 an hour. I noticed what the cleaners were making while I was in that position so I decided to create my first official business. In order to make this work I would get myself and my children up at 3:30am go start a clean with my 1 & 2 year old in tote, then drop them off to daycare, go to my 9-5, just to get off work to go pick up my children to finish the clean. I also would clean houses and condos on weekends and roughly 85% of the time having my babies right beside me. During covid I lost my job as they let everyone go. With having my cleaning business I was able to still continue working as my cleaning business was considered essential. During this time a friend that I had worked with knew my history and knew that I had a short but successful photography and self taught marketing passion. He got me a job as Director of Marketing and Editor-In-Chief at another local Real Estate company. Here I continued feeding my passion by learning straight from the top people in my industry such as Laire Lightner. As my work started getting notice and my clients having incredible results. My friend ended up taking the Ryan Serhant Mentorship only to find out that everything I was doing my best to push him to do he paid $30,000 to just be told to do it again. This is when I really opened my eyes to my own worth and value and how grossly underpaid and how much I was being taken advantage of as I was being barely paid $20,000 a year to fully produce a magazine on my own and help many of the realtors with their marketing while still having to clean houses and condos everyday while my kids were having their childhood taken away.

I was struggling with severe PTSD, Anxiety, Depression.

My work environment was extremely toxic and making everyday life miserable.
My nervous system was completely shot and every day I experienced a new level of burnout.

My ex and his mistress was still working tirelessly to harm myself and my children.  

I had not finished college so I did not have a degree to stand on to get a better job, knowing I was worth more. 
I was told I wouldn't succeed because I was too damaged and was a single mother of not just one child but two toddlers.


I continued working and doing my best. 
I started therapy.
I had my lawyer help with guiding me how to handle my ex. 

I started surrounding myself with people who wanted to see me succeed. 
I started writing down my goals multiple times a day. 

I had to figure EVERYTHING out on my own and go against the grain to prove myself worthy. 


Finally! My work shined through enough where job opportunities were being presented to me. 

I could not squander the opportunities.
So I ran. 
As fast as I could and joined a Real Estate Company that has changed my life for the better. 
And I have never looked back.

Within in 8 months I was successfully working with 9 monthly real estate agents within that brokerage. And now opening my own marketing coaching and management company with clients to already support it. My current bosses saw my value and encourage me to do more and be more.

I want you to truly get this...
If you don't get anything else...

You have to push through the obstacles...
The doubts...
The exhaustion...

For some the abuse...
AND everything else to get to your definition of success and I promise when you do, you will look back as I do tonight and tell God.

I broke society's terms.

I'm breaking generational trauma for my children. 
Have helped so many people grow their success while crushing my own goals
Made 0 calls to recruit clients.
Made 0 webinars.

I became one of the best in my industry to bypass all of society's expectations.


And now I can not wait to help you grow your audience and business whether that is building you a landing page, a website, helping you with branding strategy, coaching your mindset, becoming a social influencer that adds value genuinely, or uniting as a team and managing your social media.

It takes self development.
It takes GRIT and GRIND.
It takes character.
It takes determination.
It takes self motivation.

It takes TIME.

But I believe in myself and more importantly I believe in you!
We both have what it takes!!!!!!!!!!!



My Story

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